Scrumptious – Yummy Four Course Dinners & Hearty English Breakfasts, graskop restaurants

Enjoy delicious dinners at graskop restaurants Flycatcher Castle … romantic, intimate … with candle light and personal service. Bring your own liquor … no corkage fee. A qualified chef or cook? … I don’t claim to know even a little something about food. However, guests at Flycatcher Castle tell me it is obvious that I enjoy what I’m doing. Maybe this is the secret: food prepared with love and gusto always tastes delicious … and being a sculpting artist and fascinated with detail and colour, I’m cheeky enough to claim that my food looks good! Beforehand, I usually ask you what you do not like and are allergic to and then I decide on a menu. We also accept reservations from non-residents, on a 48 hour notification basis.

graskop restaurants