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The Castle also houses Manie’s gallery of sculptures including bronzes of eagles, antelope, spiritual themes and the human body. Manie’s works of art are also found within and around the Castle such as “New Life” (gilt eagle about to land) above the main portal, “Embracing Inner Terror” and “Contented Smile” in the garden (both in composite sandstone).

Flycatcher Castle in itself boasts a work of art, sculpted first as a model by Manie Connoway who gained inspiration from the St. Colamba Presbyterian Church in Parkview, Johannesburg and Castle Nuovo in Napels, Italy. A great variety of antique furniture, ornaments and art within the castle have been collected throughout Southern Africa and other continents, creating a grand masterpiece. Examples include sandstone corner blocks and old farmhouse yellow wood beams from the Free State, entrance doors from Belgium, spectacular Art Deco windows from the old Afrox building in downtown Johannesburg and dazzling Art Deco light fittings. Come and visit graskop holiday resort Flycatcher Castle today !

graskop holiday resort